Who are the multi-screeners?

A new report from MTM says 17% of all Canadian internet users have four screens on the go, up from 3% two years ago.

Just over three quarters of Canadian internet users have two or more screens that can be used to access the internet, according to new numbers from the Media Technology Monitor.

Of those multi-screeners, 17% have four screens (smartphones, tablets, internet-connected TVs and computers) with access to the internet, up from 3% who had that many screens two years ago and 10% last year.

Who are these Canadian multi-screen owners? According to the MTM data, they are most likely to be high-income Anglophone Albertans who like consuming online video and posting about the TV shows they’re watching.

Canadians with a household income of over $200,000 were reported as the most likely to have all devices, while Anglophones were reported to be more than twice as likely to have all four screens as Francophones.

With Alberta being one of Canada’s most prosperous provinces, it is also the province with residents most likely to own four screens, with 24% in the province overall reporting owning multiple screens. That number goes up in Calgary, where 29% of the population owns four screens. Edmonton and Vancouver come in right behind, with 22% of internet users in those cities owning four screens.

The other defining factor to owning four screens was age, with 35 to 49 year olds most likely to have all the screens. Close behind are internet users aged 18 to 34, with that group also the most likely to own any one screen.

Canadians who own four screens are more likely to spend more time online and slightly less likely to get media from traditional sources like a TV set or radio receiver. According to the study, four-screen owners spend an average of 9.5 hours a week watching video, versus overall Canadian internet users, who spend 5.5 hours a week. Four-screen owners also spend three times as many hours watching Netflix a week, watching 5.1 hours a week versus internet users who spend 1.6 hours on the service for the same time period.

Multi-screen owners are also 55% more likely to post something online about a TV program, and more specifically, nearly twice as likely to tweet or post something on Facebook about a TV show than the average online Canadian.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock