BBM Media Snapshot: Canadian seniors head back to school

Care to tap into the 83,000 Canadians aged 65 years or older (2% of all seniors) who've taken university courses in the past three years?

*They are far more likely to be women. Out of all seniors taking university courses, 73% are female.

*They are twice as likely to have an undergrad degree and 4 times as likely to have a post-graduate degree when compared to the average Canadian.

*Fitness walking, needlework, gardening and home exercise are their top four general and sports activities.

*Ballet/opera, movies at a theatre, nights out at a bar/restaurant, and music festivals are their top four cultural activities.

*Key media for reaching seniors taking university courses are: TV (92%), daily newspaper (79%) and radio (74%).

*Their favorite radio formats by weekly listening are: news/talk (56%), classical/fine arts (33%), and adult contemporary (20%).

*Favorite TV shows by weekly reach are: documentaries (72%), news/current affairs (68%), and movies (57%).

Source: BBM RTS Canada, Spring’06

The preceding information is from BBM RTS, a syndicated consumer-media survey of over 60,000 Canadians, conducted twice a year by BBM Analytics. For more information, contact Craig Dorning of BBM Analytics: