Appearances and disappearances – Eloda ad analysis Oct. 20-26, 2006

P&G was still number one last week, but there was a lot of movement - with Ford, Sobey's and Effem Foods dropping out of the top 15, and Hasbro, General Mills and GlaxoSmithKline reappearing.

All info below was gathered through Montreal-based Eloda’s online TV ad tracking, auditing and viewing services, and all data is based on its recording grid ( Check out who’s topping the charts and which brands had the most new spots.

Top 15 advertisers with the largest variety of TV ads on the Canadian English market for the period of October 20 to 26, 2006 versus the same time period last year.

2005 2006
1 Procter & Gamble Procter & Gamble
2 General Motors General Motors
3 Toyota Hasbro
4 Warner Bros Pictures Toyota
5 Sony Pictures L’Oreal Consumer Products
6 L’Oreal Consumer Products The Brick
7 Walt Disney Pictures Mattel
8 Wyeth-Ayerst Canada Wyeth-Ayerst Canada
9 The Brick Daimler Chrysler
10 Mattel General Mills
11 Unilever Government of Canada
12 Universal Pictures Rogers Communications
13 Daimler Chrysler Kraft
14 General Mills Pfizer
15 CanWest Global Communications GlaxoSmithKline

Top 3 categories with the most new TV advertisers on the Canadian English market for period of October 20 to 26, 2006 versus the same period last year.

Top Categories Chart

Top Categories Chart