CHUM re-slots biggies at end of month

There's been a shake-up of Toronto's Citytv programming line-up for the end of November, including time slot changes on some pretty big shows.

Changes at the US nets prompted some re-scheduling at Toronto’s Citytv for the coming weeks.

Starting on Monday, Nov. 20, The Rachael Ray Show will move to week day mornings, from 9 am to 10 am. All the programs previously filling that morning air time – including Star! Daily – will move to late afternoon, airing from 4 pm to 5 pm. The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be returning to the 5 pm schedule.

Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 28, Entourage and Girls Next Door will move from the Monday night lineup to Tuesday nights at 9 pm.

Starting on Thursday, Nov. 30, Men in Trees will move to a new time slot, Thursdays at 10 pm (with ABC simulcast). The move pushes Stargate: Atlantis to Fridays at 9 pm temporarily, but the series will be moved to 8 pm later on.