A fair bit of churn last week:

Campbell Soup evidently anticipated the colder weather, turning up on the Top 15 list after quite an absence. Meanwhile, L'Oreal presumably started a push for pre-holiday primping by jumping from #11 to #4. But Ford, Ontario Lottery & Gambling and People The Diamond Store dropped off the list.

All info below was gathered through Montreal-based Eloda’s online TV ad tracking, auditing and viewing services, and all data is based on its recording grid (www.eloda.com). Check out who’s topping the charts and which brands had the most new spots.

Top 15 advertisers with the largest variety of TV ads on the Canadian English market for the period of November 24-30, 2006 versus the same time period last year.

2005 2006
1 Procter & Gamble Procter & Gamble
2 General Motors The Brick
3 The Brick General Motors
4 Wyeth-Ayerst Canada L’Oreal Consumer Products
5 Kraft Wyeth-Ayerst Canada
6 Kimberly Clark Effem Foods
7 Daimler Chrysler Sobeys
8 CanWest Global Communications Kraft
9 Ontario Lottery and Gaming Pfizer
10 Mattel GlaxoSmithKline
11 Novartis Consumer Health Canada Government of Ontario
12 Bell Globemedia Kellogg
13 Unilever General Mills
14 Leon’s Reckitt Benckiser
15 Circuit City Campbell Soup

Advertiser with the most new TV commercial for the top 3 category on the Canadian English market for period of November 24 to November 30, 2006.

Top Category Top Advertiser by category
1 Retail The Brick
Future Shop
2 Lotteries Canadian Cancer Society
Ontario Lottery and Gaming
Atlantic Lottery Corporation
3 Restaurants Darden Restaurants
Tim Hortons

Top Categories Chart