Lowe agencies go digital with Stella Artois trap

'Are you ready to challenge a friend to a game of wits? To the victor - a chalice of Stella Artois.' Of course, users can only click 'Yes.' The second phase of digital experiences is live at StellaArtois.com.

Stella Artois has launched another online viral initiative with ‘Le Défi – une affaire d’honneur,’ the second phase in its campaign of digital experiences. It’s a puzzling attempt to get the brand into the interaction between friends by challenging each other to solve the experience, although it’s up to the friends to honour the winner with the prize – a chalice filled with Stella Artois beer.

Visitors to the Le Défi website find themselves in a huge room dominated by what appears to be a complex trap, packed with knives, cogs, needle bars and other sharp elements. The whole intricate construction seems to serve one purpose – to protect a precious chalice of Stella Artois. There are six puzzles the user may solve to disarm the trap, all equally mentally challenging. Users are given the opportunity to challenge a friend to a duel. Whoever opens the trap first owes the other person a Stella Artois at a venue of their choice.

Le Défi was developed by Lowe Tesch in Stockholm, Sweden in conjunction with Lowe Worldwide in London and Lowe Roche in Toronto. Lowe Roche produced the physical trap and supporting press and poster campaign, while Lowe Tech developed the digital arm of the campaign. Lowe Worldwide coordinated the efforts and handled client relations. The digital campaign was created to reach consumers in several regions including the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, Australia and New Zealand.