BBM Media Snapshot: home healthcare product

Just one point to ponder about these 4 million folks is that they're twice as likely to have pet insurance as average Canadians...

Four million Canadians (14%) use one or more healthcare products ranging from orthopaedic insoles and hearing aids to prosthetics, walkers and wheelchairs. Here’s the skinny on some of their habits:

* Canadians who use home healthcare products have an average age of 49 years old.

* Canadians who use home healthcare products are twice as likely to attend a consumer show on savings and investments.

* Charities are 30% more likely to receive donations of $100 or more from this group in the past year than from average Canadians.

* TV (88%), radio (79%), and Internet (56%) are the top 3 media by yesterday exposure for Canadians who use home healthcare products.

* The top three formats by weekly radio reach for this group are: News/Talk (38%), Adult Contemporary (24%), and Country (17%).

* News/Current affairs (63%), Movies (56%), and Suspense/Crime dramas (45%) are the top three television program types watched in an average week by people who use home healthcare products.

Source: BBM RTS Canada, Fall ’06, Individuals 12+. The preceding information is from BBM RTS, a syndicated consumer-media survey of over 64,000 Canadians, conducted twice a year by BBM Analytics. For more information, contact Craig Dorning of BBM Analytics: