Many Canadians grab Zs at B&Bs: BBM Media Snapshot

What are some of the consumer habits of Canadians who choose to stay at bed & breakfasts?

It seems logical that Canadians who stay at B&Bs are 70% more likely to have pancakes for breakfast than average Canadians. But they’re also three times more likely to have splurged $250 or more on flowers for someone else in the past year. Here’s a peek at their other spending habits.

• 3.2 million (11%) of Canadians stayed at a bed & breakfast inn in the past 3 years while on vacation.

• B&B aficionados are twice as likely to travel by plane for pleasure as average Canadians.

• This group is 2.5 times more likely to have vacationed in Europe in the past 3 years than average Canadians.

• They are 60% more likely to have personally spent $4,000 or more on their last vacations than average Canadians.

• B&B guests also use hotels. They are 50% more likely to have stayed at a hotel in the past 3 years than average Canadians.

• They are 2.4 times more likely to have consumed port or sherry in the past month than average Canadians.

• Members of this group are 2.5 times more likely to have used an online or Internet stock trading service in the past month.

• The top 3 media by yesterday exposure for B&B guests are TV (87%), radio (85%), and Internet (70%).

• News/Talk (42%), Adult Contemporary (27%) and Hot Adult Contemporary (19%) are the top 3 formats by weekly radio reach for this group.

• B&B guests have News/Current affairs (60%), Movies (59%) and Suspense/Dramas (44%) as the top 3 television program types that they watched in an average week.

Source: BBM RTS Canada, Spring 2007, Individuals