Happy Holidays from MiC

This is our last issue of 2007. We'll be back on January 3.

MiC and its parent publication, strategy, extend best wishes to all our readers. This is our last issue of 2007. Our next issue will appear on January 3.

In the meantime, if you are bereft of media news, play the games and video from our ‘It’s a Viral Holiday’ story for alternate amusement, or absorb the wisdom of your peers from our archives – here are links in case you missed any instalments of our ‘Look Ahead, Look Back’ series.

Chris Staples: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071210/chrisstaples.html

Marian Salzman: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071211/mariansalzman.html

Tony Chapman: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071212/tonychapman.html

Laura Gaggi: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071213/lauragaggi.html

Bruce Claassen: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071214/bruceclaassen.html

Adam Froman: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071217/adamfroman.html

Maggie Fox: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071218/maggiefox.html

Scott Goodson: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071219/scottgoodson.html

Karen Best: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071220/karenbest.html

Jason Oke: https://www.mediaincanada.com/articles/mic/20071221/jasonoke.html