It’s a Viral Holiday!

More and more marketers are going virtual all the way with their year-end cards. A good strategy? Yes, judging by the sensational results garnered by OfficeMax.

Online holiday cards and microsites are not only a virtuously green communications alternative, they’re increasingly a cost-effective marketing strategy, and therefore gaining weight from mass media.

NYC-HQ’d OfficeMax and their dancing-elves viral is a prime example. Last year’s, in which consumers stick their own heads onto dancing elf bodies, resulted in 40 million hits between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This year’s version, launched less than a month ago, is already up to 70 million hits.

With these rather stunning results in mind, MiC has gathered the best of the best of the online holiday greetings we’ve received so far. It’s a mix of consumer and collegial efforts, and hopefully will help fill the void a little for our loyal readers during MiC‘s holiday hiatus.