***FLASH*** Canucks clutter Film short list at Cannes

A whopping 35 Canadian entries made the short list in the Film category. With five spots making the cut, Zig is already entitled to bragging rights.

Canada’s odds in Cannes are looking good, with 35 entries on the Film short list announced today. Zig leads the pack with five spots in contention, followed by Taxi Toronto and BBDO Toronto with four apiece.

Here’s who’s in the running:

Ikea’s ‘Grown-Ups’
Best Buy’s ‘Emanuel’ and ‘Last Minute’
Mr. Sub’s ‘Granny’
Corus’ ‘Comfeze’ for Scream TV

Pfizer’s ‘Vivian,’ ‘Denise,’ ‘Bobby’ and ‘Michelle’ for Viagra

BBDO Toronto
Parmalat’s ‘Stairs’ spot for Astro Biobest Yogurt
Pepsi’s ‘Elevator Small Talk Tony’ and ‘Emoticon Susan’ for Diet 7UP
United Nations High Commission for Refugees’ ‘Dave’

BC Lions’ ‘Airplane’
Coast Capital Saving’s ‘No Fees Equals No Stress’
Vancouver Police Department’s ‘Smash and Grab’

Subaru’s ‘Joy Ride’ for Impreza
Pacific Blue Cross’ ‘Elevator’ and ‘Metal Shop’

Leo Burnett
The Score’s ‘Victims’
Canadian Film Fest’s ‘Happiness’

McDonald’s’ ‘New Guy’
Habitat for Humanity’s ‘Electricity or Rent’

Ogilvy & Mather
Unilever’s ‘Onslaught’ for Dove Self-Esteem Fund
Kraft’s ‘Regent Park’ for Maxwell House

Saatchi & Saatchi
Buckley’s ‘Old Woman Bleep’
Toyota’s ‘Water Bottle’

Vancity’s ‘Aerosol’ for Enviro Visa and ‘Chairs’ for its Vancouver Film Fest sponsorship

Extreme Group
Workers’ Compensation Board Nova Scotia’s ‘Nail’ and ‘Ladder’

John St.
Stanfield’s ‘Guys Night Out’

Ford’s ‘Human Car’

Draft FCB
World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Carbon Neutral’

Downtown Partners (now defunct)
Bud Light ‘Newscast’ for Anheuser Busch