PPM results revealed

The new tool's first measurement results in Montreal's radio market will be revealed this afternoon.

Media buyers and planners might want to take a few minutes this afternoon to hear about the first commercial results from the new BBM radio measurement technology, Portable People Meters (PPM). Astral Media Radio is sharing results from the Montreal market, where the tool was first used, live in real-time on the web starting at 2:15 pm at www.astralmediaradio.com/ppm.

Alicia Olson-Keating, Astral Media Radio’s GM of research and marketing services for English Canada, will present and analyze the results and the opportunities they present for increasing radio ad campaign efficacy. The real-time analysis of the PPM tool’s debut was preceded by six information and training capsules, available for viewing at http://infoppm.astralmediaradio.ca. Today’s broadcast will also be available at http://infoppm.astralmediaradio.ca after the presentation. Measurement results for Toronto and Vancouver will be announced in mid-2009.

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