National Post flashes online muscle

With site traffic growth beating North American competitors, the National Post is flaunting the news via ads running today and tomorrow.

Bragging that its online growth is exceeding that of the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, USA Today and the Globe and Mail, the National Post is trumpeting itself as North America’s fastest growing national newspaper site with two ad executions in its print edition, running today and tomorrow.

According to comScore, its sites saw over a million unique visitors a month over the last three months, and Canwest is taking advantage of the traffic to let both advertisers and readers know National Post sites have a larger audience than ever before.

‘It’s unique content that clearly resonates with a growing audience – particularly in times like these when the markets are changing rapidly and people are looking for reliable context and insight,’ explains Jonathan Harris, VP Digital at the National Post. ‘We wanted to get in front of our audiences and advertisers with the great news.’

‘This shows strength against big North American players,’ says Lori Morgan, director of marketing at the National Post. The ads, designed in-house by the National Post marketing team, are also part of a continued strategy to drive more traffic to the sites and invite readers that haven’t visited them to take a look.