Henderson Bas saves Mogo money

The new campaign employs cost-effective DM-focused banner messaging.

Toronto-based interactive ad agency Henderson Bas has recently partnered with online lender Mogo Money in a new campaign designed to differentiate the brand from other lenders.

The agency, which won the biz in May, will be handling strategy, planning, creative design, buying and execution of Mogo’s online display media including flash and static banners, as well as site takeovers, starting with the Weather Network homepage July 27 to 29, and again Sept. 2 to 5 and Oct. 7 to 9.

Small 174×40 buttons on Canoe Money are also planned through throughout the campaign flight, while the rest of the media is a mixture of re-targeting, testing and run-of-network with various ad networks.

‘This partnership is destined to be successful because it brings an analytical culture and willingness to test new media’s effectiveness,’ Henderson Bas president and CEO Dawna Henderson, tells MiC. The plan, she says, is to position Mogo as the smart choice for loans ‘because they cost less and are more convenient: short-term loans are common practice in the Pacific Rim, but are filled with negative connotations in North America. Mogo will remove this stigma by concentrating on cost-effective lending, easy access and those who are using this service.’

The agency is keeping to the brand’s cost-effective theme with its online acquisition plans. ‘The campaign is acquisition-focused, and as such is being optimized by completed applications and approvals, rather than CTRs or other ‘higher funnel’ activities,’ says Henderson. ‘Online, display is commonly used as a branding channel, while search is an acquisition channel. This campaign is innovative as we are able to use display as an acquisition channel by using DM-focused banner messaging and buying in large enough quantities to make it a cost-effective media.’