9th Sphere launches new web analytics tool

The new tool correlates web behaviour to offline activity - and a consumer's personal identity.

A new web analytics tool is offering fresh consumer insights into web behaviour by correlating digi-activity to a company’s incoming calls. REF:CODE Analytics, recently launched in beta by Toronto-based 9th Sphere, allows marketers using SEO to reveal ROI by tracking in real-time the online behaviour of callers who visited a co’s website prior to contacting it by phone.

By adding a piece of code on each page of a site and a reference code that is displayed beside the phone number on the website, the new tool reveals entire consumer paths by providing an analysis of referring websources, keywords, IP, length of time spent on the site, and combines the data into a single visitor profile.

9th Sphere marketing director Ezra Silverton tells MiC additional fields are also provided when a call is made that allow marketers to track the caller’s specific name, phone number and address, and connects the data to existing web stats to determine if the caller is a returning visitor to that site, how they found it and why they decided to call instead of using the site.