McDonald’s makes nice with the ladies

The QSR launches its small-appetite-friendly McMini sandwiches with contest partnerships with two women's magazines and a Canadian gossip site.

McDonald’s seems to be increasingly pursuing a new demo: girls out on the town.

Hot on the heels of the spot that ran during the Olympics (featuring a group of club-hopping ladies stopping in for a late-night snack), McDonald’s is releasing its new McMini sandwich with two national contests aligned with female-targeted media outlets.

The ‘Small Things Matter’ contest on and asks participants to share the small things that matter to them (‘My kids unload the dishwasher without me asking them to,’ is one example offered) for the chance to win a trip to Maui and $300.

The second contest on eTalk Daily correspondent Elaine ‘Lainey’ Lui’s is tailored specifically for that audience, asking people to share the name of their favourite celebrity baby and why they like it. Winners will receive a $4,000 gift card from BelAir Travel. Both contests run until April 26.

Louis Payette, McDonald’s national media relations manager, says the media was chosen to keep the brand image fresh in the minds of consumers.

‘Every product launch, we try to find new and relevant ways to connect with our customers and stay relevant,’ he explains. ‘We just thought these magazines and this blog provided incredible and fun vehicles for us to conduct a contest around this new product launch.’

The McMini launch is being supported with a national media buy – handled by OMD, with creative by Cossette – including six weeks of TV, four weeks of national OOH (billboards), three weeks of national impact OOH, and two weeks of radio. Media will be executed across Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and Bathurst, NB.