East Side Mario’s budda-booms back to its roots

After reviving its signature slogan and jingle for a recent contest, the Italian food franchise decides to stick with what it knows.

The popular Italian-Canadian casual dining chain East Side Mario’s has reintroduced its well-liked ‘Budda-Boom, Budda-Bing’ campaign after the success of its ‘Budda-Boom, Budda-Ching’ contest.

From April 9 to May 12, all TV, radio, online and direct mail advertising will be revived with a $2.5 million campaign that also includes a redesigned website and a new menu.

The TV spots, developed by Toronto’s Endeavour Marketing, will be featured prominently during the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on CBC and TSN, and the reality and scripted shows American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, Survivor, 30 Rock and House.

Radio ads will be heard in the Ontario and Atlantic markets only, while online, banner ads will be posted nationally on such sites as Sympatico.ca, Chatelaine.com and FoodNetwork.ca. Ron Christie Communications handled the media buy.

John Verdon, East Side Mario’s VP marketing, tells MiC that after a bit of experimenting, customers and franchisees got excited about the return to familiar territory.

‘Our guests, consumers and, more importantly, our franchisee community were very excited to have it back,’ he notes. ‘Having them on board and excited and behind you helps to build momentum and ultimately translates into a better experience for the guest.

‘The other reason we went back is that it resonates with the consumer so well,’ he continues. ‘For years, people have been saying we should come up with the next ‘Budda-Boom, Budda-Bing.’ That’s a lot easier said than done. When people know what your brand is and smile when they hear the first few notes of your song or your slogan, I think half your job is done. It was time to be true to who we are.’