Shaw releases favourable Q3 numbers

The media company shows customer and revenue growth in major categories, including digital cable, internet, phone and DTH.

Shaw Communications released third quarter results Wednesday for the period ending May 31.

The company indicates that digital customers increased by 87,092 to 1,595,619, and that similar growth was seen in many major categories, including internet (up 25,661 to 1,796,973 users), digital phone lines (up 66,123 to 1,044,410), basic (up 2,322) and DTH (increased by 1,856 customers). Shaw surpassed the one million mark for digital phone lines during the quarter.

The company’s consolidated service revenue for the quarter sits at $944 million and year-to-date at $2.78 billion – both represent a 10% increase over last year.

Net income for the quarter was $158 million, compared to $132 million for the same period last year.

Q3 service revenue for the Cable division was up 11% to $745 million, and up 12% for the previous nine-month period to $2.19 billion.

Service revenue in the Satellite division was up 4% in the third quarter to $198 million, and $593 million year-to-date, compared to the same periods last year.

From Playback Daily