Was that a unicorn in the Don Valley?

The Ontario Science Centre's campaign for its Mythical Creatures exhibition features a unicorn-themed viral vid and a sasquatch playing tourist around Toronto.

The Ontario Science Centre has released a 15-second video that shows a unicorn galloping through a creek and into the forest in Toronto’s wooded Don Valley.

The video is part of the OSC’s promotion of its new exhibition, ‘Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids,’ which opens to the public Saturday.

Naked Creative, of Toronto, worked on the creative and the media buy for the rest of the campaign, which includes city billboards, and sidewalk paintings of dragon footprints and tentacle marks in high-traffic areas . Narrative Advocacy, the OSC’s PR agency, developed the idea of creating the video and Meld Media produced it. Both are based in Toronto.

There is also an experiential aspect to the campaign featuring a roaming sasquatch handing out discount OSC coupons to passersby.

‘We wanted to use this video of a rumoured sighting to get people thinking of how myths persist even though we know they cannot be true,’ Anna Relyea, director, strategic communications, Ontario Science Centre, tells MiC. ‘We know the unicorn is a mythological creature, but people are still fascinated by it.’

The viral video is aimed at visitors in their 20s and 30s, and the overall campaign is aimed at the institution’s core audience of families with children from four to 13 years old.

‘This exhibition lends itself to being more imaginative, more creative,’ says Relyea. ‘That’s at the heart of our mission, to spark people’s imaginations.’

The campaign will run into November, and the exhibition continues until Jan. 9.