Sunnybrook shares its stories

The hospital's foundation has launched a biannual magazine with online content refreshed weekly to raise money and awareness. Ad and sponsorship opps available.

The Sunnybrook Foundation is engaging the public and reaching out to donors with a new 52-page magazine and website that promotes the hospital’s work.

The publication, called Sunnybrook, arrived Monday morning on the doorsteps of Globe and Mail subscribers and is being delivered to the foundation’s donor base. It’s also being distributed throughout the hospital, which sees one million patients pass through every year.

The content is written, edited, photographed and designed by the Globe and Mail‘s Custom Content Group, a new arm of the organization that was created as a result of the organization’s new printing presses.

The online version, an extension of the Globe and Mail website, features the content from the magazine and will be supplemented with fresh content, including videos, weekly.

The target demographic for the magazine is 35-plus, university-educated homeowners who live in and around the affluent catchment area of Sunnybrook hospital.

For future issues, including the next issue in May, there are sponsorship and ad opps, which are handled by the ad sales team at the Globe and Mail.

Through the magazine and website, Sunnybrook is trying to communicate with people who use the hospital while raising money to support capital expansion, research and equipment purchases, Pamela Ross, VP, communications, and CMO, Sunnybrook, tells MiC. The magazine contains reply coupons for donations, and stories on the website link to online donation pages.

‘We thought this combination of the printed magazine along with the online content would achieve both of our goals,’ she says. ‘There’s no more valuable a property than one that allows you to tell your story in an engaging and compelling way, with a way for someone to act immediately once they’ve heard your story and are moved by it.’