Doctors share their life’s work

The Ontario Medical Association is raising awareness with a campaign reinforcing the doctor-patient relationship.

Ontario doctors are sharing the stories of their patients in the final phase of the Ontario Medical Association’s ‘Life’s Work’ ad campaign.

The print ads are appearing in the Globe and Mail, National Post and Toronto Star, and regional newspapers across Ontario. The TV buy includes spots on CBC, CTV, Global and CP24. The association is also advertising for the first time via mobile, with ads placed on mobile news websites belonging to the CBC, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star and Toronto Star. The OOH campaign will include transit shelters, subway stations and billboards, across the province.

McMillan, based in Ottawa, handled the creative, the buy and the digital.

The campaign, which runs through November, pushes to the OMA website, where visitors will find all the ads, and a second commercial. The association represents more than 34,000 physicians, residents and medical students in Ontario.

Each ad features a doctor and a patient telling the story of how the patient had been helped and ends with the tagline, ‘Your life is our life’s work.’ The purpose of the campaign’s final phase is to reinforce the doctor-patient relationship.

The campaign’s first phase focused on the doctors sharing their personal experiences and their reasons for getting into medicine. The second phase featured patients sharing experiences their doctors helped guide them through.