Regina teases Calgary

The Queen City is trying to lure Cowtown denizens with a two-phase campaign promising prosperity, family time and open roads.

After a two-week OOH and print teaser campaign in Calgary, the City of Regina revealed itself as the advertiser trying to lure people from Cowtown.

Partnered with the Regina Regional Opportunities Commission, the City is in the middle of a four-week, $200,000 campaign to convince Calgarians to move to Saskatchewan’s capital.

The first two weeks of the campaign featured 30 billboards on major thoroughfares, as well as light rail and bus ads. The posters promised passersby that there was a better way to live, and that they could trade in job dissatisfaction, high housing prices, debt and gridlock for corner offices, family dinners and disposable income.

On Tuesday, the OOH was updated to reveal that all the positive things promised in the ads could be found in Regina.

The City and Commission also launched print ads in Calgary papers and online ads on jobs and housing sites. A team of ambassadors from Regina were even sent out onto the streets of Calgary to talk up the charms of the Queen City.

All of the activations are pushing people to visit The City is also utilizing its Facebook and Twitter sites to continue the conversation.

The creative and media buy were handled by McKim Cringan George’s Regina office.

The target demographic for the campaign is young couples, 22 to 44 years old, that have recently started families or are thinking about starting soon, Larry Hiles, president and CEO, Regina Regional Opportunities Commission, tells MiC.

‘We’re trying to help people understand more about the opportunities and the quality of life that Regina offers,’ Hiles says. ‘We think it’s a very attractive offering for people, so if you want to come, it’s a pretty exciting place to be.’