Ford hits the ice

The car company is using integration on Battle of the Blades, plus some steamy bathroom-mirror messages, to promote the 2011 Edge and its new technology.

Ford has been trying out a couple of new tactics to get word out about the 2011 Ford Edge, including integrating the cross-over SUV and its technology into the CBC’s Battle of the Blades and showing it off on bathroom mirrors at bars and restaurants.

Each week on the figure skating reality show, a pair receives a tip or hint on the in-car MyFord Touch information system.

The skaters have also been answering viewer questions with the help of the system, which, among other things, reads text messages aloud so drivers can pay attention to the road.

Ford went to several CanCon producers to find integration opportunities and ended up choosing Battle of the Blades because of the reach and timing, Jamie Rae, marketing communications manager, Ford Canada, tells MiC.

Rae adds that integration is a way to add to the more traditional media buy Ford is also running nationally through TV, print and online.

‘One concern I’ve always got in the back of my head is the fragmentation of television right now and how many more options there are for the viewer, and the PVR is becoming a bigger part of people’s lives, so to find your way right into the content is a way to make sure you’re getting some eyeballs on the message,’ he says.

Mindshare in Toronto was the media buyer and creative was handled by Young & Rubicam’s Toronto office.

Ford is also getting in front of eyes through AddMirror executions in hip restaurants in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.

The bathroom mirror steams up in three places, one section after the other, reading, ‘Touch me,’ ‘Talk to me’ and ‘Drive me.’ After that, the Edge shows up in the bottom corner with copy showcasing the MyFord Touch system.

‘When we look at our target customer for the Edge, it looks like they have a much higher propensity than the average population for going out to eat. If the average population is getting out once a month, these people are going out for dinner a couple of times per week,’ says Rae. ‘So, we know that this is somewhere where they’re active and somewhere we can reach them in an engaging way.’