Jacob gives back

The women's clothing store chain is giving customers 25% off in exchange for donations to Goodwill and Renaissance stores.

Jacob is asking its customers to give away their clothes.

The company is on a mission to collect at least 50,000 articles of clothing by Christmas Eve for women in need.

Teaming up with Goodwill in Ontario and Western Canada and Renaissance in Quebec and the Maritimes, the women’s clothing store, along with Jacob Lingerie, is giving customers 25% off new clothes for every piece of old clothing they bring into the store as a donation.

The company is also donating one piece of clothing to Goodwill or Renaissance for every ‘like’ the Jacob Facebook page receives before Dec. 24. In just two weeks, the number of likes has jumped from 2,000 to 8,000.

To promote the campaign, Jacob is putting a lot of weight on non-traditional media. The company doesn’t regularly advertise because they are a challenger brand, Cristelle Basmaji, director, marketing and communications, Jacob, tells MiC.

‘This is an important ad buy for us because Jacob in the past has been a little bit more quiet in terms of media,’ she says. ‘We’ve tended to focus a lot of our investments on in-store advertising, but we felt this campaign had such a strong message and such potential that we wanted to really invest in it from a media perspective.’

The campaign features a Facebook buy targeted at 18- to 45-year-old women, beyond the company’s regular target of 25- to 35-year-olds.

On the experiential side, working with NewAd in Toronto, Jacob is setting up a series of 16 stunts on busy corners in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, handing out T-shirts that shoppers can take to Jacob and trade in for discounts.

The campaign also features 400 posters and banners at restaurants, bars, universities and sporting clubs in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Quebec City. Those cities, plus Ottawa, will also be hearing radio ads.

In print, the campaign will be in Flare and both the English and French versions of LouLou.

Cri Agence handled the creative and the media buy, and Youville did the Facebook campaign. Both are based in Montreal.

The hope for Jacob is that, according to Basmaji, old and new customers find a fresh way to connect with the brand.

‘We want to increase awareness, not just about our brand but our brand values, especially the idea of social responsibility, which is a core part of our brand values,’ she says. ‘We want to create a strong emotional link to our customers and even non-customers, to encourage them to become customers, because they see we share values with them.’