First Calgary Financial rebrands

The financial institution is showing off the special talents of its members with a slate of TV ads, complemented by print and online.

First Calgary Financial has a new name and a new TV ad campaign to support it.

Formerly First Calgary Savings, the financial services company has embarked on the rebranding and campaign following an eight-month brand definition project. It also got a new tagline out of the exercise: ‘Need some change?’

The Calgary and Vancouver offices of MacLaren McCann worked together on the creative, and M2 Universal in Calgary handled the buy.

Four TV ads started airing this week, and will continue for six weeks, on the local CTV and Global channels. Five more will be rolled out in the spring and fall.

Each phase of the TV campaign will be accompanied by online ads and print ads in the Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun. While the current batch is intended to build brand awareness, the following ads will focus on specific products and services, Carol Rogalski, AVP, marketing, First Calgary Financial, tells MiC.

‘It is brand awareness, but it’s also awareness of the full breadth of our financial offerings,’ she says. ‘That’s part of our name change. Through research, we found our full breadth offering wasn’t fully understood, and we wanted to make sure that got across.’

Stressing the importance of the customers, the TV ads all feature actual First Calgary Financial members and their special talents. One couple dances, a teenager solves a Rubik’s Cube in 38 seconds, and a man in costume slices melons with a large sword.

The ads are targeted at 25- to 49-year-olds living in the Calgary area but are also intended to reach 18- to 25-year-olds.