Jacob focuses on Facebook

The Montreal-based retailer is investing its entire external media budget in Facebook ads that push to a contest.

Jacob is using Canadian women who aren’t models, and promising not to retouch their photographs, as part of its Facebook-heavy ‘I am Jacob’ campaign and contest.

The models for the marketing materials are tech journalist and author Amber Mac, snowboarder Kimiko Zakreski and actress Karine Vanasse. Each one represents a different part of the country and a different type of woman, Cristelle Basmaji, marketing and communications director, Jacob, tells MiC.

The women’s fashion retailer, based in Montreal, is focusing all of its ad budget (outside of its in-store marketing) on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time the retailer has turned to Facebook. Last year’s CSR campaign, ‘Give your clothes a new lease on life,’ increased the company’s Facebook list from 2,000 to 14,000 in three weeks.

‘We were really happy with the success Facebook was able to bring us in terms of the measurable value,’ says Basmaji. ‘That’s what we really like about it, the very targetable aspect in terms of reaching women who are truly interested in fashion and truly interested in our brand.’

The Facebook ads are targeted primarily at women between 18 and 40 years old, and also at women who ‘like’ Canadian fashion magazines and competing retailers.

The contest to go along with the campaign requires contestants to ‘like’ the Jacob page and choose one of six ‘I am Jacob’ words to add to their profile photos, which is converted to black and white to look like one of the Jacob ads. The winner will get $25,000 worth of shopping over five years at the store.

Youville Creative Community worked on the Facebook execution of the campaign and Cri Agency handled the creative. Both are based in Montreal.