BMW focuses on digital for X1 launch

Targeting a younger, sportier demographic for the launch of its brand new X1 model, the luxury car co is reaching out online and on the go.

In promoting its brand new sporty X1 model this spring, BMW is taking a decidedly digital approach to reach its young, adventuresome target demographic.

Launched April 21, the sport activity vehicle’s (SAV) promotional plan revolves around the ‘X1 Ultimate Adventure’ contest, offering Canadians the chance to win a $20,000 adventure for two. Entering the contest requires hopefuls to create a video showcasing their idea of a great adventure and all the activities they would do on their dream trip.

Five of the most creative videos will be posted to BMW’s Facebook page in June, where people can vote for their favourite video. The winner gets to take their $20,000 trip in August, the results of which will be filmed and later posted on the BMW Canada Facebook page.

The campaign to support the contest will run throughout May and includes a contest microsite, Facebook advertising and mobile ads on CBC, TSN, RDS and The Weather Network apps as well as a mobile banner buy on’s mobile network. The mass plan includes TV spots on top-20 programming starting this week.

Media Experts in Toronto handled the media, while Cundari, also in Toronto, handled the creative.

Feature components of the media plan include YouTube and homepage takeover ads, which drive viewers to the contest page. The rich media execution on YouTube – which will see the masthead video box expand to a half-page player – was a natural media choice for the campaign, as user-generated videos are central to its execution, Karel Wegert, director of digital solutions, Media Experts, tells MiC.

The takeover will be featured on the first two days of the NFL Draft for highest visibility, targeting young male football fans with a taste for adventure, says Wegert.

‘The NFL is one of those sports that, generally, if you are a fan of American football in the Canadian market, you go to the American sites to consume content about it,’ he says. ‘[The draft] was a unique opportunity for us to reach a Canadian audience but in an environment that is not as typical for a normal takeover-type initiative.’