Frigidaire puts a charitable cherry on top

The appliance co invites consumers to raise money for Save the Children with tasty online-based initiative Sundae Funday.

Who says sundae-making is limited to outdoor parties and blue sky sunny days? With the gloomy weather plate the area around the MiC office has been handed of late, it’s pleasing to see an initiative created by Frigidaire and Save the Children that provides consumers with an online sundae-making setting while raising awareness and money for charity.

Children are helping children with the Sundae Funday website designed by Toronto-based agency Scratch Marketing, with Frigidaire donating $1 to Save the Children for each virtual sundae made. The deliciously pink website also provides all the necessary tools and recipes for parents who plan to hold their own ice-cream inspired fundraising party at home.

The consumer participation initiative created by rock-it promotions is a first for Frigidaire, and with Save the Children, the brand plans to reach a goal of $100,000 raised by the end of the year.

‘Instead of just giving over money, we wanted to actually do something that would get consumers involved,’ Stephanie Clarke, corporate marketing manager, Electrolux Major Appliances, tells MiC. ‘We wanted to get children involved as it coincides with the charity itself – helping children in Canada.’

Promotional support of Sundae Funday is primarily focused online, where consumers are directed to the site via Frigidaire and Save the Children web pages as well as through Twitter and Facebook. According to TweetReach, the initiative has reached 70,524 people via 308 Sundae Funday related tweets.

The brand believes that it can create more awareness with the use of blogs, such as, that share the same target audience of 35- to 54-year-old women, says Clark.

‘[Social media] is a fast growing [channel],’ she says. ‘It is constantly out there and has an immediate response.’

The site has seen 3,111 unique visitors since the site launched, making 3,291 virtual sundaes.