Energizer announces new global brand platform

The company introduces a new identity to entice its growing target demographic.

Energizer is keeping its bunny, but not much else, as the company completes a global brand overhaul that has been in the works for two years.

‘This is a complete change across all touchpoints of the brand,’ Kent Hatton, brand group manager, Energizer tells MiC. ‘The bunny will stay in play because of the connection it has with customers, but otherwise the brand will have a new visual look.’

The new look, which includes changes to the logo, was conceived with agency TBWAToronto and will be promoted with a TV-heavy campaign bought by MEC in an effort to entice Energizer’s growing target demographic from a family/household based demographic to one that will also appeal to business/industrial clients, says Hatton.

Hatton describes the new slogan, ’Now that’s positive energy,’ as an anthem for the company. ’[Our new brand platform] is about performance and responsibility, and part of that responsibility is being active and engaged, these charitable activities are exactly what we mean by that.’

Among those activities is Energizer’s sponsorship of Evergreen, a charitable organization whose mission is to make urban spaces within Canada more ‘green.’

At Nowthatspositivenergy.ca, Energizer alerts consumers to its $100,000 pledge to the charity and promises to pledge another dollar every time someone takes an online pledge to do three or more positive acts.

Through this partnership, Energizer has also become the official sponsor of the Kids’ World of Energy Festival, which Evergreen will host this weekend at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto.

This is just one of many initiatives that Energizer has planned to create ‘positive energy’ within communities in Canada to foster a local connection with their customers.