Microsoft battles it out

The company interacts with consumers in person and online through a game to promote Internet Explorer 9.

Rather than bore consumers with technical details they don’t understand, Microsoft is showing them what Internet Explorer 9 can do with the ‘Battle for Beauty’ campaign.

‘[Microsoft] saw that a lot of browser-based games were coming out. Because they are really engaging and simple, they don’t require a lot of time commitment from people, but are highly addictive,’ said Lesley Wheldrake, consumer marketing lead, Microsoft Canada. ‘[Battle for Beauty] is unique because people online can interact with people who are playing in a parking lot.’

The campaign combines a three-week-long challenge on, with a street-level experiential campaign to be carried out on June 10 and 11 in downtown Toronto.

Consumers at Richmond and John St. in Toronto will be given Microsoft branded balls to throw at an interactive light wall in an attempt to destroy ‘evil critters,’ while online users play on the game website.

Creative agency Taxi in Montreal combined efforts with social media seeding company Hypractif on the media execution, aiming at an audience of tech-savvy gamers and bloggers through social media websites including Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, Wheldrake tells MiC.

A’Battle for Beauty’ blog with behind-the-scenes footage was set up by Hypractif, prior to the game commencing, in order to build awareness and hype for the promotion, she adds.