Spotted! Moore’s strips for charity

The men's shop encourages passersby to give the suit off their back for its second annual suit drive.

Commuters passing by the northeast corner of Toronto’s Bay and Front streets got a rather handsome surprise yesterday morning in the form of six male models sporting nothing but ties, dress shoes, black socks, and boxers.

The models also carried placards that read “Give the suit off your back” in support of Moore’s second annual charity suit drive. Donations for the clothing drive will be accepted until the end of August, with donors receiving 50% off their next purchase at the store.

The stunts were launched with help from Toronto-based PR and marketing agency Punch Canada, which developed the promotional strategy.

There were nine executions in total, with two in Toronto, two in Montreal, two in Vancouver, one in Calgary and one in Winnipeg.

Mike McFarland, director of human resources and benefits at Moore’s, spoke to MiC about the cause and the retailer’s promotion tactic, and a model weighs in on the experience in the video below.

Videography by Jennifer Horn