Sharp puts BMW on the cover

The luxury car co goes for top billing with a fold-out window execution from Media Experts and Cundari.

BMW has landed some prime print real estate with a window flap execution on Sharp‘s September issue.

The cover execution, with media by Media Experts and creative from Cundari, features a shot of actor Hugh Jackman with a flap over the magazine’s title which flips up to revel the word “shape” and one on his chest which opens to say “the future.” The inside front spread completes the tagline with the words “by creating it.”

The idea for the cover came from simply wanting BMW to be at the front of the magazine in the most creative way, Noah Vardon, strategy manager, Media Experts, tells MiC.

“Everyone is competing for the same real estate, it is harder every season to get on the outside back cover, or inside front cover,” he says. “We really wanted to do something no one has done before. We wanted to get some of the best real estate, but do it in a way that is smart and reflective of the brand. We started coming up with the idea of getting in the title spot in a way that isn’t going to confuse the reader. We needed to do an application that reflected the excitement around the brand.”

The cover is part of a large campaign for the brand, which will continue to roll out this fall, with print ads in magazines including Maclean’s Innovation Issue, which drops next month. Also, a digital microsite will underscore the technological features of the BMW lineup, says Vardon, all with the hopes of attracting BMW’s target, which generally skews towards adults with an income over $100,000, between the ages of 35 and 54.