Pizza Delight disrupts at-home dining

The Canadian restaurant repositions itself with a TV spot that attempts to speak to families in the Maritimes.
Pizza Delight image 1

According to Pizza Delight, their customers will go as far as to sabotage their home-cooked meals if it meant that they could eat out at the Canadian restaurant.

A new 30-second TV spot, planned and created by Montreal-based agency BCP, repositions the brand from focusing on its long-standing heritage in the Maritimes to more on the families that visit its restaurants, Jonathan Rouxel, co-CD/AD, BCP, tells MiC.

Using the new brand signature of “Delightfully Craveable,” the TV spot shows parents and siblings working together to ruin a home-cooked meal, resulting in them having to eat out at Pizza Delight.

Jean-Louis Dufresne, VP, directeur principal, BCP, says the brand wants to talk directly to its consumers in a new and rejuvenated way.

And when working out what voice to speak in, the agency looked at comedy series Modern Family to provide inspiration, adds Rouxel, noting that the tone is cheeky, fun and more forward-looking.

The campaign will be focused in the Maritimes with the spots airing on ATV (Atlantic Television) CIHF (Global Maritimes), CBC Maritimes, NTV (Newfoundland Television) and SRC Moncton (French Radio-Canada). There will also be a print component, but only later in the year, once development is complete, says Dufresne, adding that it will follow the same creative language as the TV component.