Chevrolet Dealers buy big: Media Monitors

The dealership association bought the most airtime in Toronto, while Bell Bundle stays tops in Montreal for the week of Dec. 10 to 16.

The Chevrolet Dealership Association bought the most airtime in Toronto for the week of Dec. 10 to 16, according to the latest Media Monitors report.

Spence Diamonds moved up a spot to land at #2 for the week. Other big moves in the city include Mark’s Work Wearhouse jumping from #16 to #5, Rogers Wireless moving from #12 to #9 and Government of Ontario leaping from #14 to #10.

Bell Bundle bought enough airtime to stay in the top spot in Montreal. Virgin Mobile moved from #4 to #2, the Bay jumped from #9 to #3, TSN entered the list at #8 and Ford Dealership Association joined in the #10 spot in other big moves for the week.


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