Boston Pizza releases the Pizzaburger

Promotion of the new product (a burger in a pizza), will be focused on dads through TV spots that launch next week.

After a bit of April Fools’ Day joking and a few viral videos (#coulditbe) with media and social media around what its new launch would be, Boston Pizza has announced it is adding a Pizzaburger (a burger in a pizza) to its product lineup.

Two varieties of the new product (pepperoni and bacon, as well as five-cheese) will be available at Boston Pizza’s 345 locations across the country and will be promoted through a TV campaign with media by PHD and creative from Taxi that rolls out next week. Work on the teaser viral videos and GTA food truck tour that are promoting the launch this week was done by High Road Communications.

Catering to Boston Pizza’s core demo of dads aged 30 to 40, the new creation will be promoted through a TV buy that runs from April 8 until the NHL Playoffs, with half of the spots running during live sporting events and the other through conventional, top 20 and speciality programming, Steve Silverstone, executive VP of marketing at Boston Pizza, tells MiC.

“Sports programming is an efficient way to reach dads with PVR-proof appointment-based viewing,” he says.

Creative for the launch, which amounts to about 25% of the brand’s media spend for the year, focuses on men throughout history who had to endure what Silverstone describes as “less than ideal” meals. The Pizzaburger will be available at Boston Pizza until June 2.