Samsung explores natural ‘Tabitats’

The tech brand is showing off its tablet variety with a new digital-only initiative that pokes fun at nature shows.

Samsung is promoting its variety of tablets in its new “Tabitat” campaign, which highlights the different ways they can be used.

With media by Starcom and creative by Cheil, the digital-only campaign is targeted at adults, aged 18 to 30. It leverages a mix of search advertising, as well as rich media display and pre-roll across entertainment and lifestyle websites.

The video creative plays like your typical nature show, with a narrator observing an animal in its natural habitat. In this case, however, the narrator is observing different types of tablet users, including “Wanderus,” “Relaxicus” and “Connecticus.”

Ken Price, director of marketing, mobile communications, Samsung Canada, tells MiC that the company opted for a digital-only campaign because it was looking to send a focused message to potential consumers.

“In terms of where we are in terms of general awareness in the marketplace for the Galaxy family and tablets in particular, we didn’t need to spend [money on a TV campaign],” he says. “What we needed to get across was the benefit of our assortment. We will take this message to stores and our partners and complement it with other things we’ll do.”

He says Samsung chose its creative approach because it was looking to build its own brand personality while giving potential consumers a “tablet identity” that they could identify with.

The campaign will run through Q4 of 2013.