CAMH starts a conversation

The multi-platform campaign for the medical centre, launching next week, will show the ripple effect of various mental illnesses and encourage the sharing of personal stories.

Mental illness has a serious impact on the family and friends of the person who is afflicted. But the way in which they suffer is often overlooked, according to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

A new campaign aims to encourage informed conversation about this serious subject through TV, OOH, newspaper and online advertising, while encouraging personal stories to be shared over Twitter, Facebook and a microsite.

It will show the ripple effect of untreated and treated mental illness by focusing on five conditions: schizophrenia, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, depression and children with mental illness. It was informed by research that shows Canadians hold a highly stigmatized view of mental illness and do not feel comfortable discussing it.

The campaign, which launches Nov. 11 and runs for four weeks throughout Toronto and the GTA, was created by DentsuBos, which also handled the media buy.

The media strategy was two-fold, says Sheri Rogers, VP media director at DentsuBos. “We wanted to create a certain level of critical mass to get message out there, but also incorporate layers of media to engage with the target group,” she tells MiC.

“It was important for us to have a broad approach and use the functionality of the digital landscape to try and increase the level of conversation and dialogue,” Rogers says.

For instance, TSAs allow direct contact with the target group, while enticing them to check out the online components such as the hashtags and microsites associated with a particular illness.

The ads will appear across Bell Media properties.