Polar teams with Native Lift

Polar's senior director of marketing and sales management, Tony Vlismas, talks about the partnership, which will add paid promotion to the company's native ad platform, MediaVoice.

Polar has partnered with New York-based content marketing firm Native Lift to help expand its native advertising platform, MediaVoice.

Launched in July, MediaVoice allows publishers to create, customize and run native ads on their websites, and also offers real-time analytics and a reporting dashboard that measures metrics like click-through rates, how long the ad was engaged with and how much it was shared, among others.

The partnership will allow publishers to use Native Lift’s platform to distribute and promote their native ad content through paid ads on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon and on search engines like Google and Bing.

Tony Vlismas, senior director, marketing and sales management, Polar, tells MiC that the partnership was a good fit with Polar’s plans for MediaVoice because there was increased demand from publishers and advertisers for ways to create added buzz around their native advertising, adding that it made more sense for Polar to partner with Native Lift, which already had a content marketing platform in place, than to create its own internal platform. He says the addition of paid social promotion will complement publishers’ organic distribution channels and help them spread their messages faster and to a broader audience.

Vlismas says the goal for MediaVoice is to continue building it out as an end-to-end native advertising suite, adding that Polar is working on forming new partnerships to add to the platform’s current portfolio of offerings.