Toronto Star is most read newspaper in Toronto: NADbank

The Torstar paper posts the most print and online readers, according to the latest report from the measurement company.

NADbank has released its 2013 Readership Study, with numbers showing that three in four Canadians read newspaper content across print, digital and mobile platforms each week.

According to the data, which is gathered using phone interviews and online surveys in major markets including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, six in 10 Canadians continue to read only printed editions. The data measures 85 newspapers in Canada and two in Detroit across a total of 53 markets and covers the readership habits of 75% of Canadians, according to a release on the report.

More than one in three Canadians now read online newspaper content each week, with Anne Crassweller, president of NADbank, telling MiC that that number remains relatively stable on weekdays versus weekends. Approximately 870,000 Canadians are reading a newspaper app each day.

Crassweller also points to the duplication of readership, with 76% of people reading the print version of a paper also reading the online version.

Mobile reading has grown in Canada, with 20% of people over 18 reading digital newspaper content only on mobile devices versus 2% who reported doing so in 2010. The number of adults who read digital content on computers alone has dropped, with 49% saying they read online newspaper content only on desktop devices versus 80% who reported doing so in 2010.


Readership results:

Read yesterday (print):
Toronto Star: 862,400
Metro: 515,100
The Toronto Sun: 451,100
The Globe and Mail: 370,000
24 Hours: 307,300
National Post: 172,600

Weekly digital:
Toronto Star: 948,400
The Globe and Mail: 692,900
The Toronto Sun: 381,900
National Post: 372,300
Metro: 164,300

Read yesterday (print):
Le Journal de Montreal: 565,500
Montreal La Presse: 449,200
Metro: 350,600
24 Heures: 317,300
The Globe and Mail: 39,500
National Post: 28,600

Weekly digital:
Montreal La Presse: 570,900
Le Journal de Montreal: 230,300
The Gazette: 176,500
The Globe and Mail: 80,000
Metro: 73,800
National Post: 50,400
24 Heures: 39,300

Read yesterday (print):
Vancouver Province: 363,900
Vancouver Sun: 314,100
24 Hours: 225,400
Metro: 185,000
The Globe and Mail: 95,800
National Post: 52,500

Weekly digital:
Vancouver Sun: 348,300
Vancouver Province: 264,100
The Globe and Mail: 209,300
National Post: 121,300
Metro: 50,100
24 Hours: 33,500

Read yesterday (print):
Ottawa Citizen: 201,200
The Ottawa Sun: 92,900
Le Droit: 90,700
Metro: 83,400
The Globe and Mail: 42,900
National Post: 12,700

Weekly digital:
Ottawa Citizen: 195,700
The Globe and Mail: 119,700
The Ottawa Sun: 85,900
National Post: 62,300
Le Droit: 50,500
Metro: 23,500

Read yesterday (print):
Calgary Herald: 210,700
Calgary Sun: 122,900
Metro: 105,500
The Globe and Mail: 47,300
National Post: 18,200

Weekly digital:
Calgary Herald: 222,700
Calgary Sun: 115,500
The Globe and Mail: 93,700
National Post: 56,900
Metro: 35,100

Read yesterday (print):
Edmonton Journal: 229,500
The Edmonton Sun: 131,100
Metro: 97,900
The Globe and Mail: 29,600
National Post: 23,300

Weekly digital:
Edmonton Journal: 206,700
The Edmonton Sun: 103,900
The Globe and Mail: 79,400
National Post: 54,800
Metro: 24,000