One-tenth of Canadians are watching TV online

That stat is up from 6% last year, and other information from the latest MTM report.

Nearly 10% of English Canadians are watching TV exclusively online, up from 6% a year ago. Overall, 47% of English Canadians have watched at least a TV clip online, and 79% of those people have viewed entire episodes of TV programs.

The latest report covers the media technology adoption habits of English Canadians, and is the first data to be released from MTM’s Fall 2014 study.

A reported 12% of English Canadians have tuned out from traditional television, up one percent from last year, according to the latest Media Technology Monitor (MTM) report. Those respondents either don’t have a working TV set, or do have one, but only report watching DVDs or online TV.

Netflix use is continuing to grow with English Canadians. According to the latest numbers, 38% of the segment subscribe to the streaming service. That same percentage also now connect their TV sets to the internet.

Smart TVs, Netflix, viewing internet content through a TV set, internet TV, gaming consoles, PVRs and tablets are seen as expanding markets with English Canadians, according to the report. Cable TV, satellite TV, analog TV and off-air TV are noted as categories on the decline.

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