V Media gets CRTC okay for IPTV expansion

The IPTV service has been cleared by the CRTC to expand beyond Ontario, with plans to be up and running in the next quarter.

The CRTC has approved an application from Toronto-based V Media to expand its IPTV service beyond Ontario.

V Media is owned and operated by Content Media Rights Inc., and operates an IPTV service that allows consumers to build internet-powered TV packages from $29.95 a month. In addition to traditional conventional and specialty channels, V Media’s set-top box also turns any TV into a smart TV, allowing it to access to Netflix, YouTube, and other apps.

V Media has been operating in Ontario since mid-March 2013. Now that the company has cleared CRTC approval it, it will have operations up and running in additional regions in the next three to four months, says the company’s head of marketing and operations Susan Hershman.

V Media joins the nearly 20 licences that the CRTC has issued for BDUs using similar IPTV network technology, like Bell Fibe.

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