Data Dive: Millennial moms want to connect

New research from IPG Mediabrands shows the difference between millennial moms and non-parent millennials.

Millennial moms are more likely to have struggles with everyday living costs than their non-parent counterparts, but are also more likely to be open to brands, and want to connect with them.

Those results come from an IPG Mediabrands study of millennial moms and non-parent millennials, aged 25 to 34.

The research aligns with data from the most recent Mobile Personas report, which said that more moms are active on mobile, that study noted 82% of women over 25 with kids are now on mobile, compared to 70% last year. IPG’s research says that 55% of millenial moms are addicted to those devices, versus 44% of non-parents who report the same attachment.


Millennials Moms Infographic FINAL