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Data Dive: Home is where the videos are viewed

IPG Mediabrands dives into the video-viewing habits of millennials through data from the first TouchPoints study.


Data dive: How South Asian and Chinese Canadians view brands

New data on how to target the tech-savvy growing audience segments from IPG Mediabrands.


Data dive: Canada’s digital-print divides

Infographic: Newspaper readers are starting to skew digital, while magazine readers still love to flip a printed page.


Data Dive: Search is key for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

According to new research from IPG Mediabrands, search is the main source of consumer information for both days.


Data Dive: Conservatives top TV spend

Over half of all election TV spots were attack ads, with the majority being the Conservatives denouncing Trudeau, according to an IPG Mediabrands report.

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Data Dive: The building buzz around the Blue Jays

Chatter around the team has expanded outside of Toronto since the end of July, according to IPG Mediabrands.

Toronto Pan Am Games

Data Dive: Wait, what? Canadians like the Pan Am Games

Canadians are tuning in, while griping about HOV lanes has dropped 87% since the tournament began, according to IPG Mediabrands.


Data Dive: How teens view your content online

Canadian teens are most likely to say they want to be famous online, according to research from UM.


Data Dive: Millennial dads are optimistic and informed

According to new research from IPG Mediabrands, milliennial dads are more likely to research products online, but are often cynical about ads.

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Data Dive: Women most likely to ‘like’ brands online

The categories that get the most likes on social media, times of day they get attention, and channels that get the most follows, according to research from Mindshare Canada.

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Data Dive: Millennial moms want to connect

New research from IPG Mediabrands shows the difference between millennial moms and non-parent millennials.

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Data Dive: More moms on mobile

The 2015 Mobile Personas report shows who is using phones and tablets and how it’s impacting path to purchase.


Data Dive: Does TV make you hungry?

New statistics from IPG Mediabrands on the platforms that consumers use most to inform their grocery purchasing.


Data Dive: Do Canadians still ‘like’ Facebook?

IPG Mediabrands digs into social media usage numbers, with 16- to 24-year-olds over-indexing on two platforms.


Nevermind the second screen, how about eight?

New research from Videology looks at the content consumption habits of Canadians, with some higher-than-anticipated numbers.