Data Dive: How teens view your content online

Canadian teens are most likely to say they want to be famous online, according to research from UM.

Canadian teens are creating and sharing content online at a rate that is much higher (85%) than Canada at large (68%).

That data is from UM’s Wave 8 research, which tracks online and specifically, social media patterns, and measured teens aged 16 to 19, as well as Canadians overall.

Canadian teens value content differently than Canadians overall, placing greater emphasis on pieces that allow them to express their points of view, promote causes that are important to them and help them to connect with new people.

Placing more value on the reputation economy than Canadians overall, teens are more likely to have a strong emotional investment in whether or not people like or share their online content. Taking it a step further, more than half of Canadian teenagers aged 16 to 19 would love to become famous online, versus 26% of all Canadians. Teens are more likely to respond as seeking out online fame than other teens globally, where 46% of the demo report wanting to be online superstars.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock