Audience Network gets a boost

Facebook has introduced two successful formats to expand ad options within its mobile-app monetization platform.

Publishers using Facebook’s Audience Network now have access to two of Facebook’s high-performing ad units. The two formats include native video ads and a series of formats for interstitial ads that the company has made available for publishers within their own apps.

The social network launched Audience Network in March 2014 with access to a limited number of advertisers and expanded it for access to all marketers in October last year. The platform serves ads on publisher apps using Facebook’s targeting capabilities and audience information with banners, interstitial and native formats.

Autoplay ads, which, as the name suggests, play when they pop-up on a mobile screen, can now be brought directly from Facebook into a publisher’s app.

That addition to a publisher’s offering is a big plus from an advertiser’s point of view, according to Facebook. Native advertising has grown significantly this year, with Facebook recording a five-time increase in the use of native ads, registering 80% of impressions for all ads in the audience network. Access to autoplay video ads from Facebook onto a publishers’ app is possible once publishers upgrade to the latest SDK and use Facebook’s MediaView platform.

The social platform has also made some server-side changes. Publishers using the Audience Network’s full-screen interstitials can now deliver dynamic product ads (targeting customers based on the products they see); carousel ads (up to five images within a single ad unit; featured below); and click-to-play video.