UB Media launches new digital boards

The OOH company has announced the launch of a new digital network to enhance its slate of resto-bar offerings.
ub media

UB Media has launched a new range of digital advertising boards. The Montreal-based OOH company has announced that, by the close of 2016, the new boards – some 2,000 of them – will be available across its national resto-bar network.

The product is the result of efforts by the company’s research and development team, which was tasked with setting a new benchmark in design, size and screen quality for resto-bar digital boards, according to Michael Minicucci, president and COO of UB Media.

The digital boards are larger and offer HD resolution. The new 27-inch screen is the largest display available for resto-bar washrooms, according to UB.

The company’s R&D team worked on the redesign, which resulted in vertical boards with the ability to display multiple creative. For instance, a Honda ad on the new network showcases three separate windows with still images of the car in two of them and a video image showing the car on the road in the third.

In addition to new creative options for advertisers, the boards also feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capacity, near-field communications and Beacon technology for interactive executions.

UB Media has been expanding its resto-bar network for some time now. In 2012 it acquired the Toronto-based KB Media, which saw the company taking of 450 20-inch digital screens, and expanded its national network to include 7,000 faces.