Google goes native with Gmail

Google has now made native ad spaces available on its daily email service through Adwords.
google native ads

With consumers becoming more sophisticated about the advertising they choose to be exposed to, Google has updated its in-Gmail advertising to include what it deems as a less-intrusive format.

The company announced on Tuesday a new Gmail native ad format, purchasable through its AdWords server.

Google has done away with its standard text ad formats and replaced them with high-quality native and interactive ad formats. The company has developed a number of customizable templates for the ad unit, which include a single image, a call-to-action button or multiple visuals. Videos, forms and multiple links can be added to each format.

Gmail users will first see a collapsed ad and can click on it to expand it and see a full-page native ad. The ad can be saved to a users’ inbox or forwarded to others.

All of Google’s standard targeting options – keywords, demographics and affinity audiences, for instance – are available to help marketers reach their audience.

In order to ensure that users do not find the ads intrusive the company has lessened the number of ads and developed formats that will match the Gmail inbox look. Users wishing to opt out of receiving ads, or who want to block specific advertisers can still update their Gmail settings to reflect those preferences. 

Native advertising is considered a growth category for online media. Business Insider released estimates earlier this year forecasting that spend in the sector in the U.S. would hit $21 billion by 2018, double the $10.7 billion it forecast for 2015.