Bell Media to cut 380 jobs in Montreal, Toronto

The latest cuts will be across departments and will come at the start of next year in the two major markets.

Further job cuts are coming to Bell Media, with about 270 positions to be eliminated in Toronto and 110 in Montreal around February of next year.

A posting noting the upcoming cuts was put up yesterday at Bell Media offices in Toronto and Montreal, notifying the Minister of Labour of the moves as required by the Canadian Labour Code.

There will be an estimated 220 positions eliminated in editorial, production and operations, 45 in sales and marketing and five administrative or clerical positions, according to a posting in the Toronto office obtained by MiC. The cuts are said to take place beginning Nov. 16.

A posting in the Montreal office detailed a further 110 job cuts in Quebec, a number confirmed by Susan Lea, president, Unifor 614M CTV Montreal. 

A spokesperson for Unifor Local723M, which represents some of the impacted members in Toronto, confirmed the union was notified but didn’t yet know the exact number or positions that would be eliminated.

Bell Media has been restructuring from the top down since Mary Ann Turcke took over as president of the division this spring. A series of executive changes was made shortly after, with rounds of layoffs in September and October impacting VPs and directors at the company.

Yesterday BCE reported its third quarter financial results, with CEO George Cope commenting that the ongoing cuts are necessary due to the changes the CRTC made to the industry with the Let’s Talk TV hearing.

Update: A previous version of this article said job cuts were expected in February, as listed on the original posting. That date has been updated to Nov. 16.

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