AAM partners to fight ad fraud

The organization has teamed up with Brazil's Institute of Verified Communications to address and combat issues including viewability and transparency.

A new global organization has been formed with the express intention of fighting online ad fraud and viewability.

The Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) and Brazil’s Institute of Verified Communications (IVC) have teamed up to launch Global Alliance for Digital Assurance. Together, the organizations have pledged to help the global media industry address online ad fraud, invalid traffic, viewability and transparency.

Neal Lulofs, EVP AAM, says the deal started a year ago when the CEO of the company, Tom Drouillard, met with the IVC’s CEO Pedro Silva.

Quickly realizing the synergies in issues its members were facing online, the two decided to partner.

“In a general sense we will be sharing best practices, knowledge and experiences,” says Lulofs. “There are some local market differences, but globally the issues around digital advertising have a lot in common. Need to make sure we’re working together and not in isolation.”

The first product developed under the partnership is Site Certifier, providing real-time, independent desktop and mobile verification of monthly digital metrics as reported by Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. Verified data is then compiled in AAM and IVC’s respective databases and shared with marketers planning their digital investments.

The product was originally developed by the IVC in Brazil, and will be available to AAM clients in Canada and the U.S. in the first quarter of 2016.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock