Sales changes at La Presse

VP of marketing Michel Gagnon is promoted to a new revenue-facing role at the media company.

La Presse is undergoing a shakeup in its sales ranks, with news that VP of sales Luc Tremblay is leaving the company.

Tremblay has been with La Presse for four years. With his departure the VP of sales role is being positioned as VP of revenue and brand management. The publisher’s current VP of marketing Michel Gagnon is being promoted to the role, which will see him leading ad revenues at the company, as well as overseeing brand strategy and marketing. Gagnon will also continue to head the marketing, research and circulation team.

Gagnon has been with La Presse since 2011, most recently working as VP of marketing. He will be supported by a new sales management team, which incorporates members of the former Olive Media agency. That team includes Nathalie Boucher as senior director, national sales, France-Éliane Nolet, senior director, strategic development and media creativity; and Véronique Géraud, senior director, retail advertising sales. In Toronto, he will be supported by Simon Jennings, president, La Presse Group Sales Toronto.

La Presse changed its model at the end of 2015, ceasing the production of its weekday print newspaper and focusing on its digital edition, La Presse+. That change led to layoffs for 102 permanent positions and 56 temporary ones, which were all effective on Jan. 1 this year.